Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures in 2012 | Disappointed With Botox

Botox, collagen, surgery, stars do not hesitate to use a scalpel to remove the signs of aging. Courteney Cox is no exception to the rule.

courteney cox plastic surgery 2012
Courteney Cox, 46  has just been admitted to U.S. magazine ‘InStyle’ she use Botox from time to time to slow the effects of aging on the skin. "Being age gracefully is one thing but trying to slow aging, it is another. Sometimes I use Botox. But compared to most stars, I use it sparingly, "said the actress. I should say that it was a bad surprise by using this technique: "Once I have done too much. As a result, I felt weird my face was frozen. I felt trapped in my own skin. However, I have no problem with this stuff, if it can help me feel better and it is done well, then fine."

Obviously obsessed with eternal youth, the new face Pantene finally concluded that she never feels as good as when it comes to natural". Just a little contradictory, right?

Courteney Cox Admit that she was disappointed with Botox

Nevertheless, the former star of the show 'Friends', Jennifer Aniston's best friend, had to stop the injections when she realized that her face became expressionless, a big embarrassment considering her profession of actress.

'Botox? I think it is fantastic and horrible. I went to the doctor and there it was: Oh, let me inject here, here and here. I felt terrible. I mean, I'm an actress. 'Says the actress, married to actor David Arquette met on the set of' Scream '.

'I have to be able to move my face. When people start to cheat their foreheads but they cannot frown their eyebrows, that's weird, "Courteney Cox continues, adding that her husband supported to put an end to injections of botulinum toxin. "He loves the process of aging. He thinks it's beautiful. "he is a nice husband!, She said.

courteney cox plastic surgery before after pictures

courteney cox plastic surgery before after pictures in 2012

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