'Nobody Knows' Singer, Kevin Sharp Dies at the Age 43

Nobody Knows singer, Kevin Sharp has died at the age 43 on April 19 from Complications due to Cancer. He died at his mother's home in Fair Oaks, Calif.

Kevin Sharp has been diagnosed with cancer at a young age despite being treated but still does not show any improvement. Since he did Chemotherapy and radiation treatment, his life began getting annoyed said Mary Huston

She said "He had a good, strong heart", "He's not hurting anymore."

We learn from his website that he died due to complications from past stomach surgeries and digestive issues.

Based on the 1998 story from Music City News, Sharp who grew up in a large family and from an early age, Sharp already has a dream to become a singer.

During high school, he was diagnosed with bone cancer which later spread to his lungs. This disease later brings sharp with producer and songwriter David Foster through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

David Foster, a songwriter who is known for his work as producer for such successful musical artists such as Michael Jackson and Celine Dion. He helped Sharp for years undergoing chemotherapy and a determination to wean himself from Painkillers after the cancer went into remission.

It was around the mid-90s, Sharp worked at an amusement park for the sake of earning his living. He then got a recording contract of his songs and managed to get 1st place in the top country chart “Nobody Knows " and then followed by his other songs including " She's Sure Taking It Well" and "If You Love Somebody. "

He said, was “like learning how to swim by somebody throwing you into the deep end of the swimming pool,”

Sharp said he never forgot the Make-A-Wish Foundation because it has passed with his own highs and lows, becoming a rep and getting a tattoo of the organization’s logo on his chest.

The following year, Sharp also became a motivational speaker and traveling to various countries, from his website, we learned that Sharp has also written a book called “Tragedy’s Gift”

He told Country Weekly, his desire to help others give hope to himself to keep on living.

Cited from washingtonpost.com, Singers and industry insiders expressed their condolences on Twitter.
“Sorry to hear of the passing of Kevin Sharp, " wrote Mark Wills.

“My fellow country artist Kevin Sharp passed away last night and went to spend Easter with Jesus. My prayers to the family “tweeted Billy Dean.

Goodbye Country Music Singer, Kevin Sharp

Here's a famous song from Kevin Sharp "Nobody Knows"


Is Bruce Jenner Getting A Sex Change?

Is Bruce Jenner Getting A Sex Change
Bruce Jenner @dailymail.co.uk

Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors, he want to change name to Bridgitte

Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors, HollywoodLife reports Bruce is considering making himself a full transformation to woman and ridiculously he even had made his new name to Bridgitte. 

According to reports from star magazine, Bruce Jenner is still confused and contemplating whether he should undergo sex-change operation. 

Bruce Jenner wants to change his sex gender and change name to Bridgitte 

Reality star, Bruce Jenner who is now 64 year old on the last Wednesday met with an old friend, Renee Richards, a transgender rights advocate. According to Star magazine, that's when Bruce Jenner might have thought to do a sex change and change his new name at a time. 

According to one trusted source as well as close to Bruce says he has an obsession with plastic surgery because of follow Michael Jackson steps.

The news about Bruce Jenner wants to do a sex change circulated when he shaved down the trachea through Chondrolaryngoplasty in Feb 10.

TMZ Reports the Reality Star underwent the procedure because he said 'I just didn't like my trachea'.

On Wednesday 2, Bruce reportedly returned to Los Angeles, California with his family after the film Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Thailand.

Reality star walked out of LAX holding hands with his estranged wife, Kris Jenner, though they had split last year.

They look happy when landing at LAX, but also shocked by the news of Bruce Jenner do a sex change.

Do you think Bruce should do gender reassignment surgery and change his name at his age of 64?
Bruce and Kris Jenner holding hand at LAX


Luke Bryan ‘Drink A Beer’: Meaning Of The Lyrics

Luke Bryan ‘Drink a beer’: Meaning Of The Lyric

Luke Bryan – Drink a beer as coolest sad song ever, this song described how Luke Bryan endured deepest personal pain of losing both his siblings, Chris in Car Accident in 1996 and his sister, Kelly in 2007

He never exposed about his losses until his latest single ‘ Drink a Beer’, this song consist of clips from his performance at CMA Award on November 6, 2013 and tribute to his both siblings.

Bryan really put all his heart and mind into his latest song ‘Drink a Beer’ as he sang with emotionally poignant lyrics, like “So long my friend, until we meet again / I’ll remember you / And all the times we used to / Sit right here on the edge of this pier / Watch the sunset disappear / And drink a beer.”

This song was brought by Bryan on stage amidst a backdrop of trees and a foggy mist.  Until he sang to the end, he lifts up a beer as to tribute to his older brother and sister. He said “In memory of Chris & Kelly,” as their photos were appeared on the screen behind him.

Bryan admits that he still sad and feels loss of their passing “I don’t like it,” he acknowledges. “I don’t like that my sons are missing that side of my family. But someone else is deciding things.”

Luke Bryan ‘Drink A Beer’ Lyrics

When I got the news today
I didn't know what to say.
So I just hung up the phone.

I took a walk to clear my head,
This is where the walking led
Can't believe you're really gone
Don't feel like going home

So I'm gonna sit right here
On the edge of this pier
Watch the sunset disappear
And drink a beer

Funny how the good ones go
Too soon, but the good Lord knows
The reasons why, I guess

Sometimes the greater plan
Is kinda hard to understand
Right now it don't make sense
I can't make it all make sense

So I'm gonna sit right here
On the edge of this pier
Watch the sunset disappear
And drink a beer

So long my friend
Until we meet again
I'll remember you
And all the times that we used to...

... sit right here on the edge of this pier
And watch the sunset disappear
And drink a beer
Drink a beer,
Drink a beer.

Luke Bryan 'Drink A Beer' Video - The Coolest Sad Song Ever

‘Drink a Beer’ is a sad song written by Chris Stapleton and Jim Beavers, and recorded by Luke Bryan, American country music singer.


MTV Movie Award 2014: Zac Efron Won Best Shirtless Performance

MTV Movie Award 2014: Zac Efron Won Best Shirtless Performance

Zac Efron , the 26-year-old actor has won the best shirtlessperformance through his role in the film ' That Awkward Moment ' at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

On that occasion, Zac managed to steal the golden popcorn trophy and won the award for Best Shirtless 2014. He was able to beat his competitors such as Jennifer Aniston , Sam Claflin , Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Hemsworth .

When he is receiving the award on stage, Zac was immediately took off his shirt assisted by Rita Ora. His action instantly makes the audience cheering. Previously, Zac also tweeted on his twitter account @ZacEfron that he promised to take off his shirt on stage if he can beat Chris Hemsworth. “If I can beat Thor, I will receive a goblet with a bare-chested”

Former ex Vanessa Hudgens is ever undergoing rehabilitation due to alcoholism. With support from his family and friends, Efron made ​​it through a period of healing.

MTV Movie Awards 2014 was attended by a series of Hollywood artists and will feature a duet of Rihanna and Eminem. This events held at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles , USA ,and  was hosted by Conan O'Brien as host .


Tips on How to Whiten Skin with Fruits

Tips on How to Whiten Skin

Tips on How to Whiten Skin with Fruits, Women are dreaming for having firming and white skin. White skin is look more soft and beautiful to see. Have darker skin can be causes because they are too much Ultra violet radiation from sun, or because you have natural darker skin.  Darker skin that causes by pollution, medical condition, skin dryness, stress and chemical cosmetic products can be healed and make your skin more lighten and white. There are several tips on how to whiten skin for women. You can choose both of natural ingredient or using cosmetic treatment.  There are many products of whitening skin cosmetics from lotions and cream that promoted can make your skin more whiten. But this chemical products can make harmful condition for your skin because the chemical ingredient in that product. You also need to spend expensive cost when you buy this product. Natural treatment might be the most safety ways in making your whiten skin.

How to Whiten Skin with Lemon

Tips on How to Whiten Skin with Fruits
You can make your home made whitening skin mask naturally. There are some ingredients that you can get in nearest market from you such as yogurt, oranges, honey, gram flour, aloe vera gel, and lemon. This is the simplest way how to whiten skin with lemon.  Lemon is natural ingredient to bleach your skin because the vitamin C amount that contained in this fruit sustain for new skin cell growth. In addition, lemon has antioxidant that good for skin complexion. Enter the cotton ball into squeezed lemons and applied directly to face. The other way, cut lemon directly and rub to your face. Allow the juice absorb to your skin and leave it at least one hour and wash with water. You just need to do this treatment once daily. This will enlighten and whiten your skin and even prevent the scars on your face.

The other way, you can combine three teaspoon lemon juice and add one teaspoon turmeric powder or tomato juice.  Mix it be paste and apply to your skin for half and hours. The other alternative, you can use one teaspoon lemon juice with milk powder and honey. Apply the mixed ingredient to the skin and leave between 15-20 minutes before rinse it.  Remember that you need to ensure that there are no open wounds in your skin because lemon can causes pain your wounds.  You also need to ensure if you have allergic and sensitive skin.  These methods can be great ways to whiten skin naturally fast.


Who Is Robert Pattinson Dating? With Dylan Penn? Katy Perry? Or Rita Ora?

Who Is Robert Pattinson Dating? With Dylan Penn? Katy Perry? Or Rita Ora?It seems like Robert Pattinson can’t escape from dating rumors or he just look like a playboy? Is that’s the reason Rob break up withKristen? Sounds complicated. Read it on

One of the gossip website has claimed to know the real reason behind Kristen and Rob’s breakup. Radar Online reports K-stew and R-Pattz actually had an open relationship, during their romance Rob was spotted hooking up with other woman just as much as Kristen was:
"When they were officially dating, they always had a policy of 100 percent honesty, which did create issues. Robert was always very frank about his flings with other women and that worked for Kristen too. They had an open relationship and it's amazing that Kristen hasn't revealed this info when she was being painted as a 'jezebel'. Rob has had other women on the side and Kristen has had other women and men as well."

Dylan Pen - Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors: Romantic Hook-Up in Madrid

Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn, who were rumored to be dating in fall of 2013, are reportedly back in a big way!

The rumors between Rob and Dylan started on March 28 when they were planning a sexy rendezvous in Madrid, Spain.

Hollywood reports the 22-year-old model, Dylan looked happier and was all smiles arrived at the Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain because she had planned to meet up with Rob in the capital city.

An insider tells HollywoodLife.com “Rob and Dylan are friends, but that’s it. They are not back together. They are not dating each other. Rob is so busy with work right now that dating is pretty much not on his radar.” So R-Pattz and Dylan are actually not planning to hangout in Madrid, because they are just friends.

Katy Perry - Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors: Rekindled at Coachella!

Rumor about Robert Pattinson dating breaks to news on media recently after HollywoodLife reports Katy Perry has been spotted hanging out with his best friend; Robert Pattinson at Coachella, the two seems like more than just a friend. Is Robert Pattinson really dating with Katy Perry?

The Sun reports after Katy Perry end her romance with John Mayer and Rob split with Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart, They both become closer than before.

Rumors of their close relationship started from an old video that leak on the internet some time ago. The video shown drunken Kate Perry sitting on Pattinson’s lap, both of them singing ‘I Will Make Love to You’.
A source from The Stir revealed, “she loves drunk texting him and they're always flirty” Rob and Katy never lost in contact after thing going bad to Katy Perry, She split with John Mayer after dating for two years. Rob have been offering emotional support and been a real shoulder for Katy. They are growing even closer after Pattinson become single and had raised question about a potential romance.

It seems like K-Stew and Rob are officially over. The couple split in May last year following K-Stew's cheating scandal with "Snow White and Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders. However they tried to reunite but seem in vain.

Now, both Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are single and their fans are wondering if the good friends will possibly dating.

Rita Ora – Robert Pattinson Dating Rumor: The truth "He’s Dreamy"

HollywoodLife reports R-Pattz and Rita Ora were seen hang out together at Sam Smith concert in Los Angeles on Yesterday, April 16. Are they really dating?

As quoted from one of the Tablod, Rita Ora told an Aussie newspaper last year: "I never even knew he was British, he’s dreamy. I thought he was American.”

As an insider told HollywoodLife “R-Pattz and Ora are not hooking up, they are both fans of Sam Smith, who played a sold out show at the Belasco Theater in LA,” Even they have same interest in common, including a mutual friend, Katy Perry as well as their love for music. But They are not dating.

As Kristen Stewart, she was supposed to meet up with R-Pattz at the music festival, but later canceled because of her American Ultra filming schedule in New Orleans. Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry and Rita Ora spent time together at Coachella in Indio, California.

So who is Robert Pattinson dating recently? I think No, He is single for now and as quoted from ask.com, He have said I almost don't want to have a girlfriend in this environment.